Girl Auctions Off Butt Space For Tattoo

Bailey Price is a 20 year old girl who auctioned off a 3 ½ inch by 3 1/2 inch tattoo space on her butt. It went for $6500 New Zealand dollars which equals $5000 U.S. dollars. She will donate 10 per cent to the charity of the winner’s choice which is Sir Ivan’s private non- profit charity, The Peaceman Foundation which helps those suffering from PTSD. She already had 21 tattoos and has said of all of them, the one she got with his website in rainbow colors on her butt was the easiest ever. “Completely painless” Could be the talent of the artist Kevin Duoso and the quality of the facility, known worldwide as Salvation Tattoo Lounge. They have 4 locations in Miami Beach under that name. If you google Bailey you will find at least 13 media outlets in 4 countries that covered this unique way of marketing. Ivan had to think outside the box because Yoko Ono wouldn’t let him make a video of “Imagine” his new electronic dance music ( EDM ) version of the iconic John Lennon ballad that went Top 10 on 3 different charts worldwide. Sir Ivan boasted “When it comes to guerrilla marketing – I’m King Kong!“ I did it for a good cause; to make people aware of my peace promoting songs and to help others by making the world aware of The Peaceman Foundation”