Hey my amazing friends… as many of you know on Nov 1st 2020 my world was crushed with the devastating news that my dear beautiful mama, my best friend, my everything, was diagnosed with the most aggressive most lethal type of blood cancer (AML) acute myeloid leukemia. Her ONLY possible chance for her life to be saved is going to be thru the intensely complicated and pretty much miraculous process of Stem cell transplant or BMT (bone marrow transplant) this transplant is not only extraordinarily complex.. but it’s really hard to find an exact DNA match.. I’m in the process of being tested to see if I’m a match for my mom.. but the team that’s trying to save her has asked me to reach out to everyone i know… to try and find as many potential donors as i can, too … the more people that test .. the more likely we could be to find a match and potentially save my mama.. and even if someone who tests doesn’t match my mom.. it’s possible you might match someone else in need and save their life..
the process is so very crazy for the patient but it’s really quite simple for the donor… all that’s required to test is a simple cheek cell Swab… and you could save a life!!
if you are interested in being tested please go to
and register for a test kit.. they will send it to u… and from home u Swab ur cheek .. and send it back in.
Please … please join me, in attempting to not only save the person i love the most.. my mama … but please help me in an effort to try to save any lives we can who are fighting this horrible monster. 🙏🏻🤍
Let’s spread the word please..
please help me save my mama
Please repost and share if you feel compelled 🤍🙏🏻