Featured Artist: Adam Aguas

Interview by: Steve Azzara

I assume you drew a lot when you were young, but when did it take a turn towards tattooing?

Everything took a turn towards tattooing when a childhood friend of mine bought a tattoo kit off eBay and started tattooing people. (definitely the wrong way to do things ) But since I was the one always drawing growing up he wanted me to tattoo him. I was terrified and didn’t wanna do it, but he showed me what he knew. Which was basically nothing and then I tattooed him and fell in love with it and began the journey of learning right after. The tattoo was horrible but he loved it and I was immediately hooked and knew that this is what I wanted to do.

I have to ask you the standard what and who influenced your style in

the beginning, along the way and lately?

My first tattoo influence was definitely Dan and Tim Plumley, they had the most unique style I had ever seen and in many ways showed me what tattooing could be. It was a look I didn’t even know was possible at the time. Along the way I was influenced by everyone from Terry Riberra to Nick Baxter and Tony C. Lately I find that my influences are very much out of the industry artists like Drew Struzian and Jim lee come to mind.

How do you get your colors so poppin”?

Honestly a lot of black in the right spots and my color theory is very much based in traditional color theory but varies. I always try to keep it somewhat simple and make the proper choices off the bat so that everything pops.

The ONE person dead or alive you dream of tattooing?

Stan Lee hands down.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m with my children. If I’m not tattooing or working on some art medium I’m with my son and daughter making sure they know they’re the most important thing in the world to me. Most times even when I’m working my son is right by me learning and drawing with daddy and my daughter is painting or drawing making a mess right with us. Those moments I get with them are everything to me.

Is there an artist who has told you they love your work and that made your day?

A couple honestly most significant would be Dave Tevenal, Timmy B, and Tony C. Those were moments that made me feel like the direction I was going was the correct one.

Do you get enough time to paint?

No never, it’s never enough. But I think it’s important to always take at least 30 minutes when you can and just work something. All those little sessions will add up to something great eventually.

If you could colaborate on a full back piece who would you like to do it with?

So many artists, but probably Halo or David Tevenal. I think the contrasting styles would work very well together.

Goals for the rest of 2019?

Goals for this year as simply to make the artists and person I was in 2018 look lazy and inattentive. I feel we should all be constantly trying to one up ourselves as people and artists and not worry about what others are doing.