Featured New Shop: Ashley Velazquez Showoff Ink Artistry New Haven CT

It feels pretty amazing to think that in this short amount of time I’ve accomplished all that I have in this industry. My name is Ashley Velazquez also known as ShowOff and I’ve been tattooing for about nine years. Tattooing was something I had never really thought about doing. Going to school as a fine arts major I always knew I needed to find a way to make a living on my art. I considered event planning and even interior design. But right before I started tattooing, a tattoo artist for me was really just someone on television on shows like Miami Ink and especially LA Ink with Kat herself. Fast forwards five years and I made it on the other side of the camera featured on Spike Tv’s Ink Master Season 7. Within a few short years I went from a local favorite to nationally known which needless to say boosted my career. With the platform of the show I was able to meet some great people and make amazing connections. One of which is being chosen to represent of 247 Ink Magazine on their Elite team as well as being on the Dab Tattoo Cream ProTeam. There’s never a shortage of opportunities that come my way. To date the most rewarding is celebrating the grand opening of my own tattoo shop less then a week ago on January 12th 2019. Getting a shop has been on the top of my list for years now, but timing and location is everything. So I’m proud to announce my shop is right in the heat of downtown New Haven, my hometown. I’m located on 262 State Street New Haven on the corner of State and Crown. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 11-7. You can reach us at 203-553-4011 OR 1-888-INK-ARTT and [email protected] to book an appointment. Please follow our instagram page @showoffinkartistry where you can see the newest work of not just myself but my two team members. Tat Tito is our freehand guy who loves to challenge himself with thinking outside the box. Never allowing his work to be categorized, he is very versatile and creative. He can be reached through Instagram at @tat_tito or [email protected] We also have Tat Scott who loves to experiment with line weights and blending styles. He can be found at @tat_scott on instagram and [email protected] I’m looking forward to this next chapter and continuing to grow as an artist.