Featured Product: Veritas Farms

Interview by: Steve Azzara

Interview with Derek Thomas VP of Development of Veritas Farms


Lets begin with products because I think right away everybody thinks gummies and that’s the end of the line.

What could we we talk about like say…

Things like your moisturizing lotion. What can you tell me about that?

So we’ve got a couple of great topicals. Are you familiar with the difference between full spectrum hemp oil and CBD products in general.

No I’m not.

OK I’m going to explain that to you. We can dive into that first and it’s good to do a much better understanding of topical versus just the ingestibles and things like that. So there’s a couple of different products you’re going to find out in the CBD world. And the biggest difference is that some of them are what’s called Full Spectrum and then some of them are made with the CBD Isolate. So what you have in the cannabis plant is you have about over a hundred beneficial compounds called cannabinoids. And the most well-known one is THC and that’s obviously the one that gets you high when you smoke it. And then the second most well-known one is CBD which is the buzz word  That’s kind of going around in the industry right now.


But unfortunately what that buzzword done is it’s made a lot of people think that CBD is really beneficial and and impactful and it is but it’s left out all the other beneficial cannabinoids. So there’s CBD but there’s also a CBG and CBN and CBA  and CBC and all these cannabinoids interact best when they’re taken together. And that’s when they’re really beneficial for inflammation and for pain and for anxiety and PTSD and for all these types of conditions that you hear about. So what a lot of companies are doing is they’re making products from CBD Isolate which is the isolated CBD molecule and they’re leaving out all these other beneficial cannabinoids. There’s also Turpin and Flavonoids and chlorophyll. So that’s kind of the first differentiator is what we do is we make full spectrum hemp oil. So we have a little bit of THC. We have all that good CBD but then we have all the other beneficial cannabinoids to the CBG the CBN the CBA and they interact holistically in the body for what’s called the entourage effect.


So from there we’ve kind of make two different sets of products. We make the ingestibles which gummies are definitely one of the most well-known tinctures and really popular too which is that sublingual application. And then of course you have the topicals so our two main topic oils are moisturizing lotion and our salves and then we’ve got a couple other ones as well more fun ones. We’ve got massage oil, we’ve got a lip balm and then we’re even coming out with some pet topicals too like even a pet shampoo and a pet paw wipe and a pet nose wipe. So when you look at the the moisturizer and the salve specifically it really comes down to what you want to use the product for. This is where the industry gets a little challenging because the FDA actually hasn’t approved CBD and other cannabinoids to treat any specific illness so you can’t say that it’s great for acne or it’s great for pain or inflammation or arthritis which is unfortunate because there’s a lot of anecdotal as well as clinical research that shows that it is. So when it comes to the moisturizing lotion specifically, it’s going to be great for, of course moisturizing, because we use a great based moisturizer but CBD and the other cannabinoids are gonna be great for anything inflammatory. So any type of inflammatory skin condition and that would be anything from rosacea eczema dermatitis seborrheic dermatitis even acne.



As well as some some kind of local pain conditions, where the salve and the moisturizer which are our two best topicals, where they really differ is the moisturizer is water based. So it’s going to be great for like dry skin on the face. Acne I actually suffer from seborrheic dermatitis. I get it in my mustache and our spa lotion knocks it right out and the lotion is great because it’s water based. You know, it absorbs right into the skin and I don’t walk around greasy faced all day right.


Yeah. That’s great.

The salve is our other kickass topical, which is really really popular. In fact it’s my favorite topical and that is going to be for chronic pain sprains bruises. We have so many customers that have fibromyalgia and arthritis and things like that and that’s what they use our salve for because it’s oil based. It’s much thicker it’s much more dense. It’s kind of hardier you know it sits on the skin longer and it ultimately ends up being absorbed kind of more efficiently into the muscles. Whereas our moisturizer is absorbed more into the skin. So that’s why the salve is going to be great for those kind of chronic pain, really inner inflammatory muscle joint kind of conditions. So that’s really kind of how we break it down. The lotions are more aesthetic you know, the more aesthetic conditions, and then the side where there’s going to be more for those pain inflammation kind of conditions.

So I would be the salve guy. OK.

You might be the salve guy yeah.

Now for the stuff that you give the dogs. I saw the girl with the eyedropper giving the dog some. What does that actually do for the dog’s.

Yeah. So it’s not just dogs. The really fascinating thing is that it’s actually all mammals or actually anything with a vertebrate with a backbone so any animal that qualifies as that they have an endocannabinoid system and they’re going to respond really well to cannabinoid therapy mammals particularly cats and dogs actually have more CB One and CB Two receptors than humans do. So they actually respond better to it than humans do. And it’s great for a few things. So if you have like a neurotic dog who gets really hyper or agitated during fireworks during thunderstorms when they’re traveling when their owner goes out and there is separation anxiety it’s going to be great for pacifying all of that. Like really really impactful so the dog that went from tearing up the couch during 4th of July is now actually going to be relaxed and mellow and not tearing things up.


It doesn’t have to be during those specific instances, if you just have a hyper or neurotic dog that’s also really going to alleviate that. Really really good for mobility. So especially in older cats and dogs you have like hip joint issues CBD therapy full spectrum hemp oil going to be great for improved mobility. And then it’s also it’s really good for their coats. So you’re going to see a reduction in pet dander integrity reduction in like blotches and things like that.. But the big ones are chronic pain relief mobility and neuroticism.

Right. And you have bacon flavor and we have vegan flavor which might get me barking.

I don’t know about a lot of people, but it’s actually my favorite really.

That’s pretty good. That would be mine too.

So my girlfriend wonders why I’m barking in the evening. I take our bacon flavor.

And the Lip balm?

The lip balm is simple. It’s got I think four maybe five ingredients in it. It’s got the great moisturizing which kind of gets you back on track. CBD just clears up all of the pain and inflammation that you had with the dry lips. So it kind of keeps it at bay. Yeah,it’s it’s simple

but it’s a rockstar of a little product.

Okay. I have to try that.

Yeah definitely if you live up north or if you live somewhere dry it’s great. Oh yeah, you’re in NY so you know what I’m talking about.

That definitely sounds good. Beauty health wellness. Where does beauty come in.

Well you know obviously with the topicals especially if you’ve got a patch of acne or if you have an outbreak of dermatitis or rosacea you know just getting back but getting back to the whole is a big step for a lot of people including me you know. So yeah there’s a lot of beauty that ties in just with the moisturizer you know just by using it every day by keeping back whatever chronic condition that you suffer from or just keeping your skin nice and rejuvenated. It’s great for that. You know even if you’re puffy in the morning it helps reduce that inflammation as well. So there’s a lot of kind of core foundational uses for the moisturizer and what a lot of people overlook when it comes to beauty is taking CBD or I call it CBD. But in reality when I talk about it what I mean is full spectrum hemp oil. And all those beneficial cannabinoids that we have in our products. So in taking full spectrum hemp oil you’re also fighting inflammation from the inside. For example in the same way you were to use it you know if you had a bad elbow and you would use the salve on your elbow. I would also suggest to a customer that they use the tincture as well because it’s going to attack that inflammation and that pain from the inside. So you’re kind of attacking it from the outside in the inside. Same thing for all of those skin conditions. All your beauty concerns you know if you’re taking full spectrum hemp oil as a daily supplement to your diet right then then you’re going to have you know it’s like the same thing if you eat a salad every day. Right. Know exactly when your skin starts looking a little better but it does over the course of 30 days or so. And it’s the same thing for full spectrum hemp oil.

Yes. Great question. So we we do direct to consumer online. We shipped all 50 straight states right from our Web site and there’s one other kind of element of our story that I don’t really get to share with you within it’s really what makes us different and who we are. Down to the core. And it’s that as I mentioned before a lot of other companies are manufacturing products from just CBD isolate where it was we’re full spectrum. Not only are we full spectrum, we’re also farm to table. So the other big differentiator is even those companies that are full spectrum they’re more than likely ninety nine percent of them are buying their products from the same three or four commercial farms. Sometimes they’re buying it from Eastern Europe sometimes they’re buying it from Southeast Asia and depending on where they’re at that month with inventory and what what supplier has what available they’re jumping around from supplier to supplier. Right. We don’t have [00:15:30.0] to do any of that because we own our own farm right there in Colorado. So not only do we own fully outright own 140 acre farm we also own 100 percent of the manufacturing process. So we grow then we extract and we formulate manufacture we even bottle label and shift everything from the farm. So if you buy it from our website it literally has never left our farm except to be tested by a third party tester. So to answer your question yes we are available direct to consumer via our website. And what makes that special is you’re literally buying it from our farm which is pretty cool. No one else does that. I couldn’t find something you know we had the best quality control procedures we had the fastest turnaround on our product. You know you’re getting the freshest highest quality product and you can find on the market when you order from us. So there’s something we’re really proud of that we really like to talk about.