SWITCH first pop-up restaurant and bar in Richmond V.A.

RICHMOND, V.A. –  SWITCH has opened at 13 W. Broad St. in Richmond, VA. It’s the first pop-up restaurant and bar in Virginia with dedicated rotating themes. Currently, guests can experience the Alice In Wonderland-themed “The Rabbit Glass” on the ground level and the nineties-themed “Back in ‘93” in the basement. Both concepts have unique cocktails to match with a shared food menu and are set to change approximately every three months.

Walk into the world of Alice in Wonderland and explore hypnotic murals by local artist Jesse Smith of Loose Screw Tattoo and national artist Miguel De Cuadro, and 3D installations with giant flowers and clocks lining the walls. Imaginative cocktails include the “Hendrick’s Tea Party” served with teapot and teacups, “The White Rabbit” served in glassware made exclusively for the event, and others featuring whimsical garnishes like dry ice, edible flowers, and glitter.

Nestled in the heart of Richmond’s Arts District, SWITCH was curated by the Managing Partner Crystal Shah and appropriately features artwork from local and national mural artists. Virginia-based LX Group, consisting of Neal Patel and Kunal Shah, have teamed up with Crystal Shah and Jay Sean, a multi-platinum recording artist, on this project.

When you’ve finished upstairs, take a trip down the rabbit hole to the basement level, home to theme number two: “Back in ‘93.” Walls feature murals by Ink Master artists Halo and Lalo, local mural artist, Nightowl, and Jen Bean from Loose Screw Tattoo. You’ll find nostalgic items at every turn and cocktails pay homage to some of our favorite 90’s music and shows. Cocktails feature retro garnishes such as Gushers, Pop Rocks and candy cigarettes and the 2Pacolada comes complete with his red bandana.

Biggie: Jen Bean from Loose Screw Tattoo
Pinky and the Brain/Daria: Night Owl
Madonna: Lalo – Ink Master
Kurt Cobain: Halo – Ink Master