Tattoo artist does Freefall Skydive Tattoo from 10,000 Feet

Johnny Tijuana Avenue Tattoo, CA Interview Steve Azzara

My fiance works at the skydive drop zone here in town. She told me that Larry the instructor would maybe be into the tattoo my skydive idea. I kept having clients ask what my craziest tattoo was and my answers were lame. Always a drunk guy story or some person wanting a tattoo that would be funny for the night then wonder why he got it. I wanted something cool so I came up with this. I called Larry up and asked him. He was so awesome about it. I was like hey bro how are you? Do you think it would be cool to do a skydive tattoo. At first I planned on just tattooing in the plane and then jumping. And he was like why not in freefall. I was all about it. The planning was the hard part. I ended up going with the ipower watch for my power supply to be on my wrist. I then taped it down and used the FK Irons Edge X. It’s super easy to adjust and worked great. I preloaded the reservoir with ink in flight. I honestly was wondering if it was going to end up flying into my face right when we exit the plane (laughs) but it didn’t. It was so awesome. Once we reached 120 mph in freefall Larry would throw his arm out in front and I would go to work. At that speed the wind under the arm levels it out and makes you be able to tattoo it. Like writing on a table I guess. We did some talking a few days prior and then I went to the airport to show them my plan. I ended up using ink caps used for permanent makeup . They are rings with sponges in the inside to absorb ink. Plus that sponge in my mind would help not buzz the inside of the ink cap while under the canopy. I plastic wrapped the tops and fastened the plastic to the ink cap using rubberbands you would use for braces. When the canopy opened I could use the ink on my fingers in the ring caps for more ink and just break the plastic. Once the canopy is deployed it becomes super calm even really high up so I could finish up the (R) I ended up getting the( A) tattooed in freefall and part of the (r) but then we needed to deploy the canopy. Once it was deployed i finished the (r) and then reality hit me that this whole thing actually fucking worked! (laughs) I was so stoked all the way down to the ground. All I could think of was how I will always chase that adrenalin. The rush was unreal. My son who was 3 at the time was at the landing zone with my fiance. It was one of the best days of my life. And by far the fastest tattoo appointment I ever had.
Also I have something else I am going to do. It’s hard to top a skydive but I think I found something just as cool.

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