Tattooers For Charity Fan Auction

For the second edition of my charity oriented art projects, I decided to bring together an even more spectacular collective of world class artists. The 15th anniversary of the London’s Tattoo Convention will display the works of 200+ artists I’ve personally handpicked, once more amongst the very best this profession has to offer. This time the chosen medium to decorate is the Uchiwa, a traditional Japanese paddle paper fan.
As for the concept behind the exhibition I felt in this fast moving world, where the meaning of acquiring information changed, there was the need to remember where the basis of this industry come from and whom to be grateful to. With the belief that it’s important to be aware of the roots, and not just look at the fruits, this exhibition wants to celebrate Gratitude and Traditions. Therefore, each participant will pay homenage with his/her painting to artists of the past which contributed to pave the way. Certain values keep getting diluted and this collective of highly talented, experienced and motivated artists want to take a stance through inspiration, especially for the younger generation.
Our goal is to give back to the industry that gave us so much, inspiring people through creativity and go even beyond the boundaries of tattooing through charity. As for last year, all the artwork will be available worldwide starting the 27th of September on an online auction at, with the profits donated to Operation Underground Railroad, an association which actively fights the sexual exploitation and exploitation and sextrafficking of children.

Thank you to the sponsors who helped make this possible: DERMALIZE, the innovative protective film that revolutionized the tattoo aftercare and AURORA TATTOO, Emma Kierzek’s leading tattoo shop.
You can follow the updates on the project on our Instagram page @stef_bastian_presents and website, with the pictures of the artwork from the last two years’ exhibitions and the details soon released about the auction.
I’ll see you all the 27-28-29th of September 2019 at the London Tattoo Convention to see this incredible exhibition and simultaneously online to bid for the artworks, with the profits from the biddings going directly to charity. Thank you for the support, together we can make a difference.