Checking in with a couple of artists to see how they’re spending their time off.


Cleen Rock One
Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty much just fuck night every night, hot tub fucking. I mean I’m doing lots of projects like, I don’t know. I just changed my chicks oil today and then I’m going to check her oil later tonight. I don’t know. I was going to do a painting tonight, but I’m not doing anything artistic. I’m not doing any artsy-fartsy shit. You know, I’m just doing fucking dude shit. Working in the garage doing some tattoo machines there for a minute. Then I started feeling shitty. Yeah, and then we were just basically fucking fixing a toilet at the shop. I mean, I’m not doing any cool fucking artsy-fartsy shit like all these other guys. I don’t do that shit anyhow. Everybody’s like I sit around fucking drawing on my iPad all day. I’m working on cars and shit like that. You need something, hit me up.

Robbie Ripoll
Making art, making memories, enjoying my pool, and bettering myself

I’ve been painting and trying to purchase a house

Pamela Sellers
Been doing commission drawings and paintings. Spending time with family. Did
some yard work, now I’m sunburned, I hate sunburn.

Allisin Riot
I’ve been staying busy by drawing up commissioned artwork of
people and their dogs.

Jhon Campuzano
Honestly, this time has been spent with the family playing with my daughter and making the best out of this horrible situation the world is in right now. People still think this is a joke and it only kills old people.

Gentle Jay
Today I tattooed myself, I’ve been working on designs for prints, working out so I can look better when this is over, playing video games with my girlfriend, losing my mind, and working on a comedy routine.

Jesse Smith
I’m on forced paternity leave. I’m putting the nursery together. Keeping busy.
So I’m actually good with having a little time off.

Ty’Esha Reels
We renovated the studio, Spring cleaning, painted the deck, gym in the sunroom,
Planted tomatoes and peppers, baths for the dogs, and actually cleaned out the junk drawer.

Steve Tefft
I cleaned out my closets. You’re gonna see some nicely dressed homeless people out there with the shirts I wear. Painted a little bit, playin’ my drums, cooking a lot more, started learning recipes, started doing yoga, golfing a couple of times, a lot of phone calls bullshitting with people, and a lot of Netflix- Ozark, 6 Underground. I liked 6 Underground and I finished Ozark last night.
Did you love Ozark?
It was awesome!

Bob Tyrrell
Weird times right now. I haven’t worked in 2 weeks. I’ve been playing guitar, working on a drawing, watching TV and having a few sips of Jack Daniels. Can’t wait until we get back to some kind of normalcy. I fear there won’t be a concert season this summer.

Babiery Hernandez
I’m glad you reached out because it’s important for people to stay in contact to make sure everyone is ok. I’ve been keeping busy and I have my daughter here which is keeping both of us busy and I’ve been making lists of things to do every day. Even small things like doing the laundry, and at the end of the day even if I get 7 out of 10 done it’s ok. Last week I really didn’t want to talk to anybody and then I realized if I kept doing that it would lead to depression because my mom has it, my sister’s husband and kids and my sisters husband is dying and he’s only 29. I like to talk a lot. I like talking to people so staying home these last 19 days and you know me, I like to go out and not going out, not talking to friends, not talking to clients was making me crazy. I’m drawing, watching Youtube videos on cooking, I better not get fat, and just using the time to learn different things I never thought about before. I’m in a house with family members talking to at least 8 people a day and there are a lot of people in a room somewhere alone and they don’t have anyone so I feel lucky. It’s ok to complain a little but then you have to improve where we are right now mentally and improve the situation. You need to make plans and follow through with them to keep yourself learning and busy. You can pray to God to keep that spiritual connection, exercise to keep your body in shape which also keeps you in a positive place. Do little things, shower everyday (laughs) It’s just a time when all we know, we can apply.

Kyle Dunbar
I planted raspberry bushes yesterday but it’s snowing today so I’m hoping that turns out ok. Other than that getting ready for the Apocalypse you Globalists put us into. Getting my guns together. Lookin’ out to see where my neighbors are putting up the razor wire around my fence line. No, I’m putting up a garden, writing a play, writing comedy bits which I think we’ll call “The Times We’re Living In” and maybe getting a puppy.

Lydia Bruno
I have been diving deep into the recesses of my psyche in order to readjust and improve all facets of my art and life, and hopefully stumble upon a recipe to perpetuate and accelerate some Divine enlightenment so when I am released back into the wilderness of “Normal” existence again, I can make everything around me my bitch and exponentially become the best version of myself over and over again.

Julia Carlson
I’m hangin out with my kids which is awesome. We’re doing homeschool stuff and painting together. We planted flowers, installed a door knob, did landscaping and pest control. I made a gym in my basement. So getting time to hang out with family is great because I never have as much time as I would like.

Ashley Velazquez and Tat Tito
I’m cooking every day and I bought a plant I’m obsessing over. I water it, groom it. I put it in different places. Tito and I are tattooing each other. Tito is smoking a lot of weed and is crazy into video games and wants to become a Pro Gamer.

Mark Lawrence
I’m painting a lot, writing a book, and being creative. Helping people get through this time and calling them every day to help keep them positive.

I’ve been doing everything. Working on the house. I’m taking Spanish classes, we’re taking online cooking classes, I’m doing oil painting commissions and Udemy business marketing courses. Udemy teaches EVERYTHING and its dirt cheap. It’s a couple of hours a day. Everybody is bored and I’m like how the hell can you be bored? You have all the time in the world to do all of the things you complained about never having the time to do.